2024 Illinois Radon Protection Law
2024 Illinois Radon Protection Law

2024 Illinois Radon Protection Law: As January 2024 unfolds as National Radon Action Month, Illinois residents secure enhanced radon protection law and defenses against radon, an unseen but perilous adversary. Radon, an odorless, invisible radioactive gas, stands as a major health hazard and the primary cause of cancer in nonsmokers, as confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Recent legislative changes, epitomized by the updated Illinois Tenant Radon Protection Act and HB 2217 (Tenant Radon Protection Act), herald pivotal shifts that empower tenants in the ongoing battle against radon risks. Lets read a bit more about the new 2024 Radon Protection Law:



The revised Radon Awareness Act (RAA) introduces significant changes aimed at fostering transparency and safety in residential leases. As a reputable radon testing business in Illinois, it’s crucial to stay informed about these key amendments to better assist your clients and promote radon awareness in the community.

The 2024 Illinois Tenant Radon Protection Law:

  • Effective January 1, 2024, landlords are mandated to disclose radon information to potential tenants.
  • Tenants on the second floor or below receive coverage, with landlords obliged to furnish specific documents, including a radon hazard disclosure form and the “Radon Guide for Tenants.”
  • A 90-day window allows tenants to conduct radon tests, with landlords shouldering a minimum of half the mitigation expenses upon positive results.
  • In cases of elevated radon levels breaching safety standards, tenants possess the right to terminate their leases.

2024 Illinois Radon Protection Law: Tenant Radon Protection Law (HB 2217):

2024 Illinois Radon Protection Law
2024 Illinois Radon Protection Law


  • Governor J.B. Pritzker sanctioned HB 2217 on July 28, 2023, with the law taking effect from January 1, 2024.
  • Recognizing radon as the second leading cause of lung cancer, the law emphasizes heightened protections for renters.
  • Landlords must now furnish applicants with an informational radon pamphlet, disclosing pertinent radon level information about the building.
  • Kristina Hamilton, Illinois Director of Advocacy for the American Lung Association, commends the law for offering renters additional avenues to combat radon exposure.



1. Expanded Definitions: The amended RAA introduces crucial definitions, including terms such as “dwelling unit,” “lease,” “lessor,” “mobile home,” “radon,” “radon contractor,” and “tenant.” These clear definitions aim to enhance the understanding and application of the law, providing a comprehensive framework for all involved parties.

2. Exclusion of High-Rise Leases: A notable change in the RAA is the exclusion of leases for units located on the third floor or higher. This exclusion simplifies matters for both landlords and tenants, removing the requirement for radon disclosure in high-rise units.

3. Introduction of Section 26: Replacing Section 25, the new Section 26 specifically focuses on residential lease situations. This refinement streamlines the law’s application, making it more accessible and relevant for residential property scenarios.

4. Disclosure Process for Lessors: Lessors (landlords) are now required to follow a clear disclosure process when leasing to prospective or existing tenants. This includes providing the Illinois Emergency Management Agency pamphlet – Radon Guide for Tenants, copies of radon hazard records or reports, and a disclosure report outlined in Subsection (f) of the Radon Awareness Act.

5. Tenant’s Right to Radon Testing: Under the amended RAA, tenants have the right to conduct a radon test within 90 days of occupancy. If the test reveals a radon hazard, tenants can choose to terminate the lease if the lessor does not address the issue through a certified radon contractor.

6. Lessors’ Response to Radon Hazards: Lessors have the option to hire a radon contractor for another test if a hazard is indicated during the 90-day testing period. Successful mitigation, confirmed by a negative test result, serves as proof of no hazard for two years. In cases of confirmed hazards, lessors are encouraged to take timely mitigation actions.

7. Flexibility for Testing and Mitigation: Both tenants and landlords retain the flexibility to choose whether to conduct radon tests and mitigate hazards. The amendments do not impose an obligation on either party to take specific actions.

8. Tenant’s Remedial Actions: In instances where lessors fail to provide required documents and disclosures at the lease’s commencement, tenants can independently conduct a radon test. If a hazard is identified, tenants can either hire a radon contractor at their expense (with lessor consent) or terminate the lease.

9. Resolution Timelines: When lessors do not dispute test results or initiate mitigation within 60 days, tenants have the option to hire a radon contractor at their expense, subject to lessor consent for the installation of a mitigation system.

These changes in the Illinois Radon Protection Law underscore the commitment to transparency and safety in residential leases, ensuring tenants are well-informed about potential radon hazards. As a trusted radon testing company, staying abreast of these amendments positions your business as a valuable resource for clients seeking a safer living environment.

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2024 Illinois Radon Protection Law Conclusion:

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2024 Illinois Radon Protection Law
2024 Illinois Radon Protection Law

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